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verdict photo blocker spray

If You Live In Or Near A City That Uses Photo Radar Speed Enforcement Then You Would Be Foolish Not To Own This Product!

Makes Your License Plate Completely Invisible to Cameras!


Does your city use photo radar speed enforcement? If so, have you checked your mail today?

Don't be surprised to find a speeding violation for something you supposedly did two weeks ago! It's a growing epidemic and you need to protect yourself NOW, before it's too late.

I'd like to bring your attention to an amazing new invention. The Photo Blocker Spray will change the way you drive forever.

Just a few sprays of this patented formula on your license plate will reflect the camera flash back to the camera overexposing the picture so they will not get a readable number.

The picture will then be tossed in the trash, meaning you will NOT get a ticket!

It works by creating a high gloss finish, but your license will still be legible to the naked eye. No one will even notice it's there.

Have piece of mind knowing you'll never
get a photo radar ticket in the mail!

I personally use this product on a daily basis and pass by two photo radar machines by my home and office and have NEVER received a speeding ticket in the mail. And trust me, I'm (safely) exceeding the speed limit on almost every trip.

In fact, one of my neighbors was complaining about his son always receiving tickets in the mail from our neighborhood photo radar machine, so I went outside and sprayed his license plate with one of the cans I had in the kitchen. Since then he has not received a single ticket and this was 8 months ago!

I wouldn't recomend this product if I didn't think it worked. It's been tested time-and-time again by independent testing facilities, news agencies and even various police departments around the country and has been proven effective.

To find out more and get a can for yourself, visit the link below. You'll be glad you did.


Photo Blocker Official Website

photoblocker website


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